Mr. Smith is currently Director of Transmission at Nexus Renewable Power overseeing project development, interconnect and construction. Prior to joining Nexus in 2023, Mr. Smith was the Principal Transmission Services Consultant, managing the North and Panhandle Regions, responsible for generation and LC&I interconnections at Oncor Electric Delivery. Previous roles in Mr. Smith’s 12 years at Oncor include NERC/Regulatory Compliance Manager overseeing grid operations compliance and Sr. Transmission Grid Controller with NERC Reliability Coordinator and ERCOT Grid Operator Certifications. Prior to joining Oncor, Mr. Smith spent the first 5 years of his career at a municipal electric company where he worked in System Operations and as a distribution/transmission electric lineman.
At Nexus Renewable Power, we diverge from the conventional renewable energy developer model. As proprietors and funders of our projects, we establish enduring partnerships. Our shareholders align with our goal of propelling the clean energy movement. Our method prioritizes prudence and precision to ethically foster, possess, and manage fresh renewable energy ventures.
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